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ACLU Effort to Aid Wisconsin Homeless Voter Registration Highlighted in Mother Jones Magazine Cover Story

Many of our readers will know Molly McGrath (photo below), a young woman from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), who comes almost every Wednesday to the community outreach breakfast at the First United Methodist Church in Madison, in order to offer homeless and disadvantaged people assistance in obtaining the identification now required to exercise the right to vote in Wisconsin. Many may not know that a photo of Molly, together with text describing her ACLU voter outreach work, are included in the cover story of the current issue (November/December 2017) of Mother Jones magazine. The title of the seven-page article is “RIGGED—How Voter Suppression Threw Wisconsin to Trump and Changed the Election.” You may view the article at the following link: The Mother Jones story begins with a description of how Milwaukee’s Andrea Anthony’s effort to vote in the recent presidential election was thwarted by Wisconsin’s new law that requires voters--even those who were already registered—to present a current driver’s license, passport, or state or military ID. Andrea, who is 37, had voted in every major election since she was 18. She had lost her driver’s license a few days before election day, but she came to the polling center prepared with an expired Wisconsin state ID and proof of residency. A poll worker confirmed that she was registered to vote at her current address, but because of the new law, she was not allowed to vote. The Mother Jones story quoted Andrea as saying “Voting is important to me because I know I have a little, teeny voice, but that is a way for it to be heard. Even though it’s one vote, I feel it needs to count.” The article went on to describe the effects that the new Wisconsin voter ID requirement may have had on the entire presidential election. The story noted how “11 percent of registered voters in Wisconsin’s two largest counties who sat out the election cited the ID law as a reason.” In addition, the article stated that “the voter ID law’s impact was particularly acute in Milwaukee where nearly two-thirds of the state’s African-American population lives.” The Mother Jones article was authored by Ari Berman and can be found online at Mother Jones magazine has a print circulation of over 200,000 and has 11 million online visitors each month.

Molly McGrath emphasized to Street Pulse that the ACLU strongly encourages everyone to take advantage of their right to vote and that much help for obtaining the necessary ID is available from the Dane County Voter ID Coalition, which may be contacted at 608-285-2141. The Coalition will even arrange free cab rides to & from the DMV after it has made sure that prospective voters have the documents necessary to obtain their voter ID. Street Pulse thanks Molly for all her wonderful and selfless efforts to help those in need and to work for civil liberty.

by Michael D. O’Neill, Street Pulse Writer,

[Mother Jones article]

Photo of Molly McGrath (Credit: Lauren Justice, Mother Jones)